The Best Selection for Our Home

We bought our bed from Claudio Rayes a few months ago. The sales agent was friendly, informative, & extremely patient describing  the different finishes. There were so many different styles and finishes to chose from, that we had a difficult time, but the sales department helped us make the best selection for our home. I was shocked at how easy it was to put the bed together. I thought I would have to hire someone to help me, but I did it myself in about an hour or less. Needless to say, we receive many compliments on the sturdiness, design, and unique finish of our iron bed. It is so different from the other iron beds we looked at the past year. So grateful we discovered this company-we will be purchasing beds for other rooms. Love it.

To fully appreciate the hammered work on the iron we strongly recommend that you request our FREE IRON BEDS CATALOG.

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